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Alcatel-Lucent 1692 Metrospan Edge (MSE) WDM Alcatel 1692MSE

Alcatel-Lucent 1692 Metrospan Edge (MSE) WDM Alcatel 1692MSE

  • Alcatel-Lucent 1692 Metrospan Edge (MSE) WDM Alcatel 1692MSE
Alcatel-Lucent 1692 Metrospan Edge (MSE) WDM Alcatel 1692MSE
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Huawei
Certification: CE FCC RoHS
Model Number: 1692MSE
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export carton package
Delivery Time: 7-15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Detailed Product Description
Use: WDM System

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Alcatel-Lucent 1692 Metrospan Edge (MSE) WDM Alcatel 1692MSE 0

The Alcatel-Lucent 1692 Metrospan Edge (MSE) is a versatile wavelength division ultiplexing (WDM) system that offers a cost-effective solution to fully exploit the capacity and flexibility of WDM needed by today's network operators to deliver high-revenue, bandwidth-intensive services. These services include triple play, video services, 3G mobile, storage area network (SAN) extension and enterprise Gigabit Ethernet (GigE). The Alcatel-Lucent 1692 MSE uses industry-standard small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules based on laser diodes and a sophisticated optical mux/demux unit that eliminates the need for an expensive wavelength controller. It provides enterprises and network operators with an economical, scalable WDM system that can support up to sixteen wavelengths.

Alcatel-Lucent 1692 Metrospan Edge (MSE) WDM Alcatel 1692MSE 2

1.Optimizes the transport of a bundle of signals, groomed according to a synchronous-compliant frame struc-ture, using dedicated TDM transponders

2.Supports rapid roll-outs of new services

3.Transparently transports multiple protocols (SONET/SDH, SAN, IP, video) on a single avelength

4.Provides optical layer protection (e.g., optical multiplexing section protection [OMSP] and ptical channel subnetwork connection protection [OCH-SNCP])

5.Simple network management protocol (SNMP) management interface, compliant with tandard MIB browser

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1AB185770022 3AL86625ABXX 3AL95063AAXX 3AL86750AAXX 3AL97771AEXX 3AL97657ABAC

1AB187280028 3AL86652ABAA 3AL95063ABAA 3AL86751AAXX 3AL97771AFAB 3AL97657ABAD
1AB187280037 3AL86653AAAE 3AL95063ABAB 3AL86802AAAE 3AL97771AGAB 3AL97672AAAA
1AB187280038 3AL86653AAXX 3AL95150AAXX 3AL86802AAXX 3AL97771BAAB 3AL97682AAAA
1AB187280042 3AL86661ABAA 3AL95179AAXX 3AL86805AAAB 3AL97771BBAB 3AL97682ABAA
1AB194670001 3AL86661ACAA 3AL95238CTAB 3AL86805AAXX 3AL97771BDAB 3AL97682ABXX
1AB194670002 3AL86661ACXX 3AL95267AAAA 3AL86808AAAB 3AL97771CAAB 3AL97690AAAA

1AB195490001 3AL86668AAAC 3AL95267AAXX 3AL86808AAXX 3AL97772AAAB 3AL97690AAAB
1AB195500001 3AL86668AAXX 3AL95284AAAA 3AL86825AAAA 3AL97795AAAC 3AL97705AAAA
1AB195500002 3AL86672AAAB 3AL95284AAXX 3AL86869AAAB 3AL97795AAAD 3AL97706AAAA
1AB195530001 3AL86674AAAA 3AL97503AAAA 3AL86869AAXX 3AL97795ABAB 3AL97706ABAA
1AB196340001 3AL86674AAXX 3AL97529AAAC 3AL86870AAAB 3AL97795ABAC 3AL97710AAAA
1AB196340002 3AL86674AAXX 3AL97529BAAA 3AL86888AAAD 3AL97795ABAC 3AL97769AAAB

1AB196340003 3AL86703ACAB 3AL97529BAAB 3AL87009AAAC 3AL97795BAAD 3AL97770AAAB
1AB196340004 3AL86703ADAB 3AL97529BAAC 3AL87009AAXX 3AL97795BAXX 3AL97770ABAB
1AB196340005 3AL86703ADAB 3AL97529BBAA 3AL92874AJAA 3AL97795BAXX 3AL97770ACAB
1AB196340006 3AL86799AAAF 3AL97529BBAB 3AL92874AKAA 3AL97795BBAA 3AL97770ADAB
1AB196340007 3AL86802AAAE 3AL97538AAAB 3AL92874ALAA 3AL97799AAAB 3AL97770AEAB
1AB196340008 3AL86802AAXX 3AL97538ABAB 3AL92874AMAA 3AL97800AAAA 3AL97770AFAB

1AB196340009 3AL86803AAAA 3AL97538ACAB 3AL92874BAAA 3AL97847ABAA 3AL97770AGAB
1AB196340010 3AL86805AAAB 3AL97538ADAB 3AL92874BBAA 3AL97847ABAA 3AL97770BAAB
1AB196340011 3AL86808AAAB 3AL97539AAAA 3AL92874BCAA 3AL97848AAAA 3AL97770BBAB
1AB196340012 3AL86869AAAB 3AL97539ABAB 3AL92874BDAA 3AL97875AAXX 3AL97770BCAB
1AB196340013 3AL86870AAAB 3AL97539ACAB 3AL92874BEAA 3AL97878AAAA 3AL97770BDAB
1AB196340014 3AL86888AAAD 3AL97539ADAB 3AL92874BFAA 3AL95071AAAB 3AL97771AAAB

1AB196340015 3AL87009AAAC 3AL97539AEAB 3AL92874BGAA 3AL97682AAAA 3AL97771ABAB
1AB196340016 3AL87009AAXX 3AL97539AFAB 3AL92874BHAA 3AL97706AAAA 3AL97771ACAB
1AB196350001 3AL94284BAAA 3AL97539AGAB 3AL92875AAAA 3AL86661ACAA 3AL97771ADAB
1AB196350002 3AL95053AAAA 3AL97539AHAB 3AL92875ABAA 3AL86703ACAB 3AL97771AEAB
1AB196350003 3AL95063AAAB 3AL97539AJAB 3AL92875BAAA 3AL97682AAAA 3AL97771AEXX
1AB196350004 3AL95063AAXX 3AL97539AKAA 3AL86668AAAC 3AL97690AAAB 3AL97654DBAA

1AB196350005 3AL95063AAXX 3AL97539ALAA 3AL86668AAXX 3AL97706AAAA 3AL97654FAAA
1AB196350006 3AL95063ABAB 3AL97539AMAA 3AL86672AAAB 3AL97706AAAA 3AL97654FBAA
1AB196350007 3AL95071AAAB 3AL97539BAAB 3AL86672AAXX 3AL97706ABAA 3AL97654FDAA
1AB196350008 3AL95071AAAB 3AL97539HAAB 3AL86652ABAA 3AL97656CAAC 3AL97653EEAA
1AB196350026 3AL95150AAXX 3AL97539PAAB 3AL86652ABXX 3AL97656CAAD 3AL97653EFAA
1AB196350027 3AL95150ANAD 3AL97539QAAB 3AL86653AAAE 3AL97657AAAD 3AL97653EHAA

1AB196350028 3AL95157AAAA 3AL97539RAAB 3AL86653AAXX 3AL97679ABAA 3AL97653FBAA
1AB196350029 3AL95201AAAA 3AL97539SAAB 3AL86661AAAE 3AL97679ABAC 3AL97653FCAA
1AB196350030 3AL95201ABAA 3AL97540AAAB 3AL86661AAXX 3AL97681AAAA 3AL97653KBAA
1AB196350031 3AL95238CTAB 3AL97541AAAA 3AL86661ABAA 3AL97682AAAA 3AL97653KDAA
1AB196350032 3AL95267AAAA 3AL97541AAAB 3AL86661ACAA 3AL97682ABXX 3AL97654AAAB
1AB196350033 3AL95284AAAA 3AL97653AAAB 3AL86661ACXX 3AL97687AAAA 3AL97654ABAA

1AB196370002 3AL95284AAAA 3AL97653ABAB 3AL86661ADAA 3AL97689AAAA 3AL97654DAAA
1AB196370005 3AL95284AAXX 3AL97653ACAB 3AL36510AAXX 3AL97540AAAB 3AL97653CBAA
1AB196370006 3AL95284AAXX 3AL97653ADAB 3AL86615ACXX 3AL97541AAAB 3AL97653CCAB
1AB196370007 3AL95285AAAA 3AL97653AEAB 3AL86625ABAA 3AL97541AAAB 3AL97653CDAA
1AB196370013 3AL97504AAAB 3AL97653AFAB 3AL86625ABXX 3AL97652AAAB 3AL97653DJAA
1AB204800010 3AL97516ABAA 3AL97653AJAA 3AL86633AAXX 3AL97653ABAB 3AL97653EAAA

1AB209250001 3AL97517AAAA 3AL97653APAA 3AL86652AAAF 3AL97654AAAB 3AL97653EBAA
1AB214540001 3AL97518AAAA 3AL97653BAAA 3AL86652AAXX 3AL97656ABAA 3AL97653ECAA
1AB214540002 3AL97519AAAB 3AL97653BBAA 1AB231410011 3AL97529BAAC 3AL97653BEAB
1AB217280001 3AL97529BAAA 3AL97653BCAA 1AB231410035 3AL97529BAXX 3AL97653CAAB

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Alcatel-Lucent 1692 Metrospan Edge (MSE) WDM Alcatel 1692MSE 16
Alcatel-Lucent 1692 Metrospan Edge (MSE) WDM Alcatel 1692MSE 18
Alcatel-Lucent 1692 Metrospan Edge (MSE) WDM Alcatel 1692MSE 20
Packing & Delivery


1. 3-7 Working days after receive the payment.

2. Shipment: Sea transportation & Air transportation ( DHL / UPS / TNT / Fedex / EMS )


1. Original Alcatel Lucent  Carton Package.

2. As customers' requirement.

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