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GGSN UGW9811 CR53LPUF CR52LPUN Flexible Card Line Processing Unit LPUF-10 LPUF-40

GGSN UGW9811 CR53LPUF CR52LPUN Flexible Card Line Processing Unit LPUF-10 LPUF-40

  • GGSN UGW9811 CR53LPUF CR52LPUN Flexible Card Line Processing Unit LPUF-10 LPUF-40
GGSN UGW9811 CR53LPUF CR52LPUN Flexible Card Line Processing Unit LPUF-10 LPUF-40
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Huawei
Certification: CE FCC RoHS
Model Number: UGW9811 CR53LPUF/CR53LPUN
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export carton package
Delivery Time: 7-15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Detailed Product Description
Chipset: Original Application: Core Network Layer UGW
Model: CR53LPUF CR53LPUN Part Number: -
Description: Flexible Card Line Processing Unit LPUF-10 LPUF-40 Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: 100% Original
High Light:

UGW9811 Line Processing Unit


CR53LPUF Line Processing Unit



CoreNetwork GGSN UGW9811 CR53LPUF CR52LPUN Flexible Card Line Processing Unit LPUF-10 LPUF-40


Product Brief Introduction


The UGW9811 supports multiple logical product forms and can meet carriers' various networking requirements at different stages and in different operation scenarios. The UGW9811 can serve as a GGSN in the GPRS/UMTS network.
When the UGW9811 serves as a GGSN/P-GW, it provides PCEF functions. In GPRS/UMTS/EPC networks, the UGW9811 can be deployed as an external PCEF support node (EPSN) between the GGSN/P-GW and PDN. In fixed networks, the UGW9811 can be deployed as an EPSN between the broadband remote access server (BRAS) and service networks/Internet.

The UGW9811 has many logical forms and supports various types of access. This product can meet carriers' networking requirements at different phases and in different deployment scenarios. * Multiple types of access: supports access in GPRS, UMTS, LTE, or CDMA2000HRPD mode. * Multiple logical product forms: The UGW9811 supports any combination of the GGSN, S-GW, and/or P-GW. In operation and maintenance, the UGW9811 supports logical combinations of the GGSN, S-GW + P-GW, GGSN + S-GW + P-GW, and EPSN.

88032UHC Basic Software for ePDG,V900R011 (per k PDP)

82205627PDP Context Numbers of Supporting Basic Software for ePDG

88032UHD Throughput Capacity for ePDG,V900R011(per Mbps)

82205628 Throughput of Whole ePDG

88032UHE Gateway Selection(per k PDP)

82205633PDP Context Numbers of Supporting Gateway Selection

88032UHB Basic VoWiFi Function(per ePDG)

81202282Supporting VoWiFi

88032UHF Local Service Policy Control(per k PDP) 82205634PDP Context Numbers of Supporting Local Service Policy Control

88032UHG IPSec(per k PDP)
82205635PDP Context Numbers of Supporting IPSec 88032UHH BFD Function (per ePDG)

81202283Supporting BFD 88032UHJ SNMP (per ePDG)
81202284Supporting SNMP S1016529UGW9811-HardwareS2016806Basic Software

88031SKEBasic Software for TGW, V900R010 (per k PDP)88031SKF
Throughput Capacity, V900R010(per Mbps)88031TMDLocal Terminal Software Charge Of TGW System,V900R010(per Set)

S2016813Optional Software88031SJYGateway Selection(per K PDP)

88032EYJMAC Authentication(per K PDP)88032EYFSmart Traffic Steering(per K PDP)88031TQM
Charging Function(per K PDP)88031TQNSubscriber Location Information Reporting(per K PDP)88031TQQLocal Service Policy Control(per K PDP)88031UXCIPSec(per k PDP)88031TQTBFD Function(per TGW)88031TQUSNMP(per TGW)


Product Services and Functions:



A subrack is a mandatory device and houses UGW9811 boards, including the Switching Route Units (SRUs) /Main Processing Units (MPUs), Switching Fabric Units (SFUs), Service Processing Units (SPUs), Packet Enforcement Units (PEUs) and Line Processing Units (LPUs). The UGW9811 supports PGP-16, PGP-X8, and PGP-X16 subracks.

The UGW9811 consists of SRUs/MPUs, SFUs, SPUs, PEUs, STEs, and LPUs.
The SRU is the core circuit board for system management. The SFU performs the data exchange function. The SPU performs the service processing function. The PEU provides the internet protocol service quality management (IPSQM) function. The STE provides collecting metric statistics for evaluating user experience. The LPU provides physical interfaces that connect the UGW9811 to NEs or external networks.
SRU/MPU(Switching Route Unit)/( Main Processing Unit)
The SRU/MPU, as the main control and switching unit of the UGW9811, is responsible for centralized control and management and data exchange. The SRU/MPUs work in 1+1 backup mode. The SRU/MPU is composed of the main control unit, switching unit, system clock unit, synchronous switching clock unit, and system maintenance unit. The SRU applies to a PGP-X8 subrack, and the MPU applies to PGP-16 and PGP-X16 subracks. The SRU in a PGP-X8 subrack integrates the function of an SFU.
SFU(Switching Fabric Unit)
The SFU supports expeditious data exchange.
SPU(Service Processing Unit)
The SPU performs service control, user packet forwarding, flow control, QoS, and content resolution functions. The SPUs work in load-sharing or N+1 or 1+1 backup mode. The operating mode is defined in the license file. In 1+1 backup mode, the SPUs guarantee service reliability.
An independent SPUf/SPUf1 can be deployed to provide the following functions:
TCP optimization: uses a number of techniques, including TCP transparent proxy, skipping slow-start, fast retransmission and fast recovery, and TCP sender algorithm optimization, to improve the TCP transmission efficiency.
PEU(Packet Enforcement Unit)
The PEU provides the internet protocol service quality management (IPSQM) function. With this function, the PEU performs the traffic shaping function for the burst traffic destined to the eNodeBs, improving the bandwidth usage of the S1-U bearer link.
STE(Smart Traffic Explorer)
The smart traffic explorer (STE) collects IP-, transmission-, and service-layer metric statistics for evaluating user experience through the Gi/SGi interface and analyzes the statistics.
LPU(Line Processing Unit)
The LPU provides the following physical interfaces that connect the UGW9811 to external networks:
* FE (10/100 Mbit/s) interface
* GE (1000 Mbit/s) electrical interface
* GE (1000 Mbit/s) optical interface
* 10GE (10 Gbit/s) optical interface
The LPU is composed of three modules: LPU module, switching network fabric adapter (FAD) module, and physical interface card (PIC) module.

These three modules work together to quickly process and forward service data. In addition, they maintain and manage link protocols and forwarding information base (FIB) tables.


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